Research on genre: thriller and horror stories.

Pinning down the genre for a story or film can give a solid reference frame for story writing problems. Instead of trying to force a story, I turned to genre. I always liked horror and suspense films, so a started doing some research…

Discovering writing is very hard – the first genesis of VOLTAIRE

This blog entry is about making an independent animated film and losing my sanity along the way. And what I learned. So how do you start writing a story from scratch? How do you find the right story? What should it be about? Do you make the plot structure first, or does story come from someMeer lezen over “Discovering writing is very hard – the first genesis of VOLTAIRE”

Step 1: writing a film

This blog entry is part of the process of making an independent animated film and losing your sanity along the way. The mistakes I made and what I learned from it. So I started writing my film. Ideas came quickly and were great. As long as I didn’t let anyone else read my first draftMeer lezen over “Step 1: writing a film”

Why I made VOLTAIRE.

Once upon a time, I was a 3D artist and animator working for animation studios and doing freelance work. I loved doing it, but I wanted to make a “real” film. Be a director. Instead of “only” making commercials for advertising agencies and VFX work for film production companies. I had always loved film. IMeer lezen over “Why I made VOLTAIRE.”